Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I feel like poetry..

That's a good sign, don't you think?

First Light

He said,
Goodbyes aren't allowed,
It won't be forever.
I believed him, never spoke the words
until time stretched the expanse
and I thought it was broken.
Only I knew the utterance that, with no one to catch it,
fell at my feet,and the world went so wan without him.
Forever, it seemed, music was stilled and poetry withered,
like unspoken words,
to depths that could never be reached again.
All good things he said were worth waiting for
were lost in faltering faith,
and the conviction that hope was prelude to a tear drop.

But tonight, faint strainsof a long ago melody whispered,
in his voice, the sweet song
I love you
and in the breathless after-moment,
I felt the stirrings of poetry rise
to spill warm and wet from my lashes,
and the music grew stronger as the light I thought extinguished
shone prelude to a sunburst,
and the whisper closed distancewith the beautiful words...
I'm coming home.