Saturday, November 7, 2009

warming up

It's Saturday morning, and I'm sitting here with my customary cuppa, Miss Thang hiding under my feet so she doesn't get banned to the garage. It's so hard to believe it's November already...

This time last week, I was sitting at the Golden Griddle in North Myrtle Beach with Mom, ordering pancakes (bad girl) and getting excited about the flea market. It was a nice trip, mostly, and the farthest from home we had been in two years. That's a shame, being that the ocean is only two and a half hours away from here.

The exception to the "mostly" came when Mom had a sugar drop while she was sleeping. I heard her talking and bent over to ask her if she was ready for dinner. Her eyes were open and she was pointing at the wall and she suddenly started repeating, "Maser maser maser, wester wester wester" over and over. I shook her and said, Mom, wake up! and she screamed Noooo! Folks, I'm here to tell you, I have never seen anything like that in my life and it only took a split second to call for EMS. I thought she had had a stroke - a sugar drop would never have occurred to me. And I'm usually good in emergencies and don't crumble until everything is over, but I lost it. Thank God for the EMT's. They gave her an IV and in minutes she was back to her normal self. She didn't remember any of it and hasn't had a hypoglycemic episode of that magnitude since last week.

When we got home, we took her levels and they were low over a period of time, so I decided to check me to see if maybe the meter wasn't working right. Well, her level was 52 and mine was 233.

I do believe I'll be good now.

As for Mom, her doctor has lowered her insulin dosage. As for the flea market, there wasnt much there...

As for the week, it ended on a special note, literally, when I opened my email at work and someone very thoughtful had sent "a little poetry to go with your morning tea."

Surprising, isn't it, how small things can make things right.


I knew it, could tell something was wrong the other night when I tried to save the 600 words I had just added to my November Novel. Works did not save! Shoot, and I was just getting into a groove.

How's everybody else doing?