Saturday, January 26, 2013

Oh My...

I have been out of work with a doc's note since week before last.  It started as a cold and escalated into "God help me, I can't breathe," so off I went to see Fabian (doctor) for prednisone injection, breathing treatment and a boat load of medications.  Typical fare for a lot of people this time of the year.

He decided to do a chest x-ray, and I hung around until the results came back to see if it was pneumonia, which it wasn't.  However, there was a spot on the x-ray.  He said, "do you see it?"  Of course, I did.  and he said, "Well, you just could have a bad, bad case of bronchitis, but then, there's this." He pointed to the spot.  "We'll wait for the radiologist's report before we go any further, but you might have to have a CT scan."

Well, at 9:00 the next morning, his office called.  They had already set up an appointment for the CT  and a follow-up office visit to coincide with my completion of treatment for bronchitis.

Am I scared?  Terrified.  Am I hopeful?  Yes.  Am I praying?  Definitely, and looking back over my life at all the things I've done that were not my finest moments, and wondering if I'll ever have the chance to be the woman I want to be.

I hope I do.