Saturday, November 7, 2009


I knew it, could tell something was wrong the other night when I tried to save the 600 words I had just added to my November Novel. Works did not save! Shoot, and I was just getting into a groove.

How's everybody else doing?


Lori said...

Oh my goodness!!! Did you lose all 600 words??? I am so scared of that. I try to remind myself to save every couple pages, but I get to writing and forget. Are you backing everything up or printing everything out so that you don't lose anything when it comes time to submit for verification?? I've just passed 5,000, which is behind par, I know, but I'll catch up. Have you written any gems yet? I have highlighted some passages that I KNOW I want to come back and either delete or edit, but I've turned out some pretty nice prose and dialog, too. (Lots of drivel, though! lol)

natalie said...

hiya! Please would yuo come by and comment on Lurkynat?
I have written about some differnt thigns Sybil and I relaly need your input, link and comments!
:) grin
hey howare ya doing anyway? good entry!

natalie said...

you ! sorry for misspelling! nat