Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monday Night

It's late, but here I sit, sipping a cup of coffee. Full strength. And it's good. The last few days have been very nice...no big problems. Even work is swimming along. My horoscope (smiles) actually told me that the ship is finally coming in after a long period of rocky weather, and that I should get used to stability, for a change. Hey, it was the best horoscope I've ever read, and although I truly don't put any stock in those, it's one that I want to believe. SO - I will.

Saturday was my birthday, and to celebrate, I got out of the house. I did. The plan was to stay out for the entire day, and that's almost exactly what happened. There's a whole big world outside of these walls! I had almost forgotten...we went to some yard sales, to the habitat store where we found a lovely fall painting that was 75% off. Soon, it will hang in the living room. We found books for the smallest grandchildren. We went to a health fair where my daughter and I both won door prizes, socialized a little bit and had a great time. And...as a treat for having been so good, we had tiramisu after dinner. Not too much! Just enough to appreciate decadence and the feeling of indulgence it brings. We all need that, once in a while.

On a somber note, I found out Bert passed away this past summer. She was a pistol, a wonderful lady who had a big heart. Godspeed, Ladybug. It was a privilege to have met you in this locationless space.


Paula said...

Happy late birthday to you. Glad you had a nice day.

Lori said...

I'm glad you had a nice day. (Love Tirimisu!) I think I remember you writing about Bert before, and am very sorry to hear she is gone. Take care, my friend.

Sandisan said...

I am so sorry that we have lost touch, I started to write again in my journal, please drop by and if you are on Facebook make me a friend...Sandra Doscher...there is a new thing that Guido did to reunite ex-Jlanders and its working on Facebook...so much has happened in the last several years....take care...love, Sandi

natalie said...

hi there! happy belated Birthday!
hugs and I hope to hear from you soon again!