Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Scared.

I'm waiting for a deputy to come, and I need something to do until he/she gets here. So I'm writing.

About 2:00 this afternoon, someone called my house and asked for my son or husband, called them by name. They were offering debt consolidation services, and when Jim told them we weren't interested, the caller said - f*ck you. And has been calling back ever since.

The last call came a few minutes ago. My son did the wrong thing and was cursing the caller...and then the caller said he was going to kill him. I took the phone. The caller was whispering and said, Can I come to your house? I hung up and called 911.

I'm scared. We live down in the woods, on a back road. If they called the house and they know who lives here, don't they know where we live?


Paula said...

Hope everything is okay there now. My granddaughter had her wallet, car keys, and house keys taken by whom she does not know at the Y this week-end. Now they know where she lives. My daughter has spent the day having everything changed but they still know the address. Please be careful.

natalie said...

can you call the police and ask someone to come to the house? tell them you don't want to take a risk
love and hugs

Debbie said...

Oh that is scary! Hopefully they can trace the calls and find out who's doing this. Will say a prayer for all of you.

Indigo said...

This is so messed up that someone would call and terrorize your family this way. I hope the cops come out and are able to locate who did this. I don't blame you for being frightened. What is wrong with this world anymore. You and your family are in my prayers on the smoke hon! Please keep us updated...(Hugs)Indigo

Leigh said...

I hope the police have been there by now.
It is awfully scary when shit like this happens.
Hope you can come back with an update.
Be safe, Leigh

Terri said...

How scary!

I hope they are able to trace the calls and you are able to press charges...for that person threatening a life ..saying I'll kill you...

How horrible..what is wrong with this world today...

Please update when you can...
Keeping you in my prayers