Wednesday, October 29, 2008

JusJournaling...about journaling.

In 2000, a sweet friend surprised me for my birthday by creating and hosting a blog for me. I was so excited - my very own space on the internet to write about anything that flowed from my brain to the tips of my fingers. I wrote there, in AutumnSongs, religiously. Poured out my heart and soul because - after all, nobody was going to read it. Right?

Wrong. A few stumbled on it, and I actually had comments and not all of them were spam! Wow. That was amazing. But it still felt like my own little corner of the internet, and write I did. Even had a poem of the month, sometimes, posted with the author's permission. I used to be a poetry board participant.

Then AOL journals started, and I decided - well, why not? And I started posting, and was greeted by Lahoma. She was so supportive. I had found my first friend in J-Land.

And now...those doors are closing. I deleted I Have Tea and Simply Me, myself, because I was loathe to let AOL do away with that part of my life. Had to do it myself and move on. Still, even though those journals were moved here, there is this sense of loss...

Maybe I can pick up where I left off with AutumnSongs, writing my heart out, in my own little corner of the internet, complete with music, a pretty background, and hopefully, what pops into my brain will exit through my fingertips. And to get me in the mood, there will be a few posts moved from Autumnsongs to here.


Leigh said...

So, you've been journaling online for 8 years? WOW.
And where exactly is AutumnSongs?
I'd like to visit there.
:) Leigh

Debbie said...

I can't imagine how all of you must feel today. My daughter wrote her last entry last night and cried as she was writing it. This morning poof everyone's journals are gone. Such a sad day.

Terri said...

A very sad day indeed...

I couldn't bring myself to delete my own journal...I did make my farewell post...and it was a hard one to write...I took one last glance around with tears in my eyes...and closed that chapter...

Mine moved here as well...but Jland will always hold a special place in my was "home"